A fantasy land hidden from the outside world, the races of Olair are protected by a group of elite warriors known as the Shadow Watchers. But evil grows close.
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PostSubject: Joanne Riesse   Joanne Riesse EmptyMon Jul 21, 2014 10:20 pm

Name: Joanne Riesse

Species: Werewolf

Class: Guardian

Rank: Supreme Alpha

Home: Wild Prairie



Personality: As the Supreme Alpha werewolf, Joanne is dedicated to leading her tribe and family through the most dire times. Her mind is set on finding the most righteous path to travel along in order to help those in need. In battle, she is strategic and holds a fondness for using potentially effective tactics against an enemy. Some may call her a cold and fearless fighter, but she is merely protective of kin and has a very tranquil state of mind. Keen and caring, Joanne works hard to provide a healthy community. No will of hers will be broken by some fool trying to ruin everything, nor will there be any giving in so easily. Even if the criticism is from another form of royalty. And due to her traits, it can be said that she isn't like most of her kind. Her being one to lack the ruthless nature in combat, and replacing it with a more reserved style. Other than that, she is very much like them.

Bio: Born to a famous Supreme Alpha father and a loving mother, Joanne lived the majority of her lifetime as a developing princess of the werewolves in hopes to follow her father's footsteps. Her dreams, at these points in time, were to protect the lands of Olair and to vanquish the troublemaking forces against the righteous. As a child she had had these goals, and so on. Nothing seemed to go wrong for the young lady. She became a highly notable individual among her tribe, possibly other races, and became a worthy fighter among those roaming the lands. As soon as the previous rulers passed away under mysterious circumstances, Joanne became the sole leader and strived to find a mate to complete the family. That had first occurred when she finally came of age, the afternoon of her birthday in the summer of July. Still, her popularity was a bit shaky due to how the first steps of ruling were handled. However, all was well and things proceeded rather smoothly in the prairies. Believing herself to be somewhat inadequate, the lone Alpha worked hard to become what she was today in hopes of fulfilling those dreams. Perhaps not only her dreams, but even those of an allied land. Peace was a prime target among these things in the many dreams. Although, Joanne knew that peace, unending peace, was too far for Olair's people to reach themselves and she knew that none of them would even be able to bring forth over 1000 years of that said peace. But, just enough could be forged between times of despair and destruction. Wasn't that what rulers should be working for?


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Joanne Riesse
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