A fantasy land hidden from the outside world, the races of Olair are protected by a group of elite warriors known as the Shadow Watchers. But evil grows close.
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 The Rules of Combat

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Saya Weiss
Saya Weiss

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PostSubject: The Rules of Combat   Sun May 25, 2014 3:46 pm

For there to be order in combat there will be rules placed to boundary people from going further than they should be able to no matter what the situation calls for. These are to be followed as well as possible to insure that everything is fair for those in said combat.

1. Abide by the stats your character and others have as a sort of guideline to how differences between characters can physically or mentally be different and who might have the upper hand depending on the situation.

2. Fight within the full capabilities of your character but going beyond is strictly out of the question. You can not use unapproved abilities or weapons to change the tide of battle.

3. This will be one of the most important rules because it will center around the difference in levels between people. When fighting someone fair beyond your level there will be penalties to your stats to insure that things would play out as they should (though of course in battle anything could happen.) Penalties in difference in level shall be:

10-15 Level difference = -10% To all stats.*

16 - 30 Level Difference = -30% To all stats.*

31+ Level Difference = -50% To all stats*

*Round up if needed.

These penalties will last until the fight is over with that certain opponent and do not apply to others if fighting multiple opponents unless the same rules are in play with them as well.

4. Follow the rules of the race transformations including post limits, penalties and capability changes including bodily and mentally.

5. The words of a moderator are final but if you thing one is being unfair in some way or another contact me through messaging and I will look into it to determine whether or not it is fair.

6. Be creative with your posts. Remember the more word count you get the more you can level up at the end of the week and creativity leads to some interesting fights that both people can enjoy as well as the readers.

7. Abilities have their limits to and can only be used more than once in battle after a two turn waiting period. Others can be used of course during this time but for those two turns you will not be able to use the ability again.

8. As the most important rule I want to make this clear. Have fun!
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Saya Weiss
Saya Weiss

Posts : 94
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Join date : 2014-05-21
Age : 23
Location : Wherever

PostSubject: Re: The Rules of Combat   Wed May 28, 2014 7:18 pm

Ability Rules

There are going to be limits to how much an ability can be used and how many abilities a character can have at one time. The higher the level a person gets the more abilities they can hold of course and may lower the time on how long an ability has to cool down before allowing another use during the same battle. All abilities start off with a cool down of 3 turns after use.

Ability Hold limits:

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The Rules of Combat
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