A fantasy land hidden from the outside world, the races of Olair are protected by a group of elite warriors known as the Shadow Watchers. But evil grows close.
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 Saya Weiss Character App

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Saya Weiss
Saya Weiss

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PostSubject: Saya Weiss Character App   Fri May 23, 2014 6:43 pm

Name: Saya Weiss

Species: Vampire

Class: Warrior

Rank (Be Reasonable): Vampire Princess

Home: Northern Fields of darkness


Personality (5 Sentences or more): She is ruthless while in battle but kind at heart. She wishes to join the Shadow Watchers some day instead of becoming the ruling member of the vampire royalty. She can have quite a temper but tries to keep it hidden from those around her. She has a superior complex and feels herself to be a free spirit. Though the oldest of her siblings she is constantly teased for her size and sometimes childish nature.

Bio (15+ Sentences): She was born to the king and queen of the Vampire royalty. She is the eldest of their children but the most rebellious. She wishes to soon become a member of the Shadow Watchers. This wish is not only to protect the entire land of Olair from the growing shadows but to also break the will of her father of becoming the next royal queen of the vampire rule. Her home is the fields of darkness but unlike most vampires she prefers the sun to the endless night. She is a master of the sword. Her fighting preference is sword and hand to hand combat over magic seeing it as a more waste of time. She has been trained by many great sword smiths of Olair and her abilities center around these arts of fighting. Her hair style is a symbol of her royalty and ,though against her will, causes others to feel subjugated around her. With the constant fight for the vampire throne she tries to keep from being near any of her siblings. This stems from the ancient rule that if the eldest of the royal kin can be beaten by another blue blood they will take the place of the throne, making her the main target for rule ranking, even with her lack of desire for the throne. She is more of a traveler and finds it wonderful to visit the majestic and unique lands of Olair, always in search of the Palace of the Watchers hoping to prove her worth and join the sect.


Level: 30 (As an Admin)

Intelligence: 20

Perception: 17

Stamina: 18

Defense: 15

Strength: 30

Speed: 30

Ability List (Can be added once abilities are approved):

Weapon(s) (Must also be approved):
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President Boom
President Boom

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PostSubject: Re: Saya Weiss Character App   Sat May 24, 2014 7:06 am

I approveth this appeth ^^
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Saya Weiss Character App
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