A fantasy land hidden from the outside world, the races of Olair are protected by a group of elite warriors known as the Shadow Watchers. But evil grows close.
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 Morana Kedves Character Info

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Lee-Lee (Morana Kedves)

Lee-Lee (Morana Kedves)

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Morana Kedves Character Info Empty
PostSubject: Morana Kedves Character Info   Morana Kedves Character Info EmptyFri May 30, 2014 1:04 am

Name: Morana Kedves

Species: Reaper

Class: Warrior

Rank (Be Reasonable): Great Hunter

Home: none

Appearance:Morana Kedves Character Info Mk13

Personality (5 Sentences or more): Despite her job Morana keeps a very pleasant disposition. She tries to look on the brighter side and likes to think she is doing good things by bringing people to rest. She is a very sweet and sociable person but also very introverted and aloof, often pushing people way when she feels they are getting to close. She has a very laid back way of going about things, favoring doing things in a way that brings the most entertainment over a faster less complicated solution. Sometimes she can go into the territory of being a sadistic or too apathetic but usually she can catch herself from going far.

Bio (15+ Sentences): She is an old reaper. The only thing she has that at all reminds her of the fact that there was a time when she wasn't a reaper is an old cracked locket with a picture of a woman inside and Morana’s name carved into the back. At first Morana loved it because it reminded her of her humanity but as time began to pass and she became more and more aware of her ongoing forgetfulness. She grew to resent it and all living things. They disgusted her, she felt like it was unfair how people clung to life so desperately but where so ungrateful to have it. Then one day while traveling she came across a small town not far from Asly. When she tried to trade her locket for a room in an inn the owner offered to let her stay if she worked in the inn until she paid off the cost of the room. She agreed and eventually she began working in the inn full time. Coming and going whenever a mission came up. The owner of the inn and his wife treated Morana very kindly almost like she was their child. This bothered her; she knew the laws of the Reapers well and knew that being connected to them could only end badly. However, before Morana could make arrangements to leave the inn, the owner died of old age. For the first time in a long time Morana felt sadness and loneliness though she shoved those feelings aside she knew she could not stay much longer. What had surprised her most was the way the owner’s wife took her husband’s death. Her whole time working at the inn the love between the owner and his wife was powerful and prominent but despite this a few months his death the owner’s wife was back at work taking control over the inn. When Morana asked the wife about her behavior she simple smiled at Morana and told her that she knew the day her was coming and she knew she didn't have much time left either. But she and her husband where both old enough to understand that life was too short to sit around feeling sorry for yourself or talking about regrets. She told her that working at the inn had made them both very happy and that by continuing to what made them both so happy was what he would have wanted her to do.
This changed Morana’s views on people and life and inspired her to search for what made her happy. That night Morana left the town and traveled the land as performer, telling stories she's heard, singing songs and taking almost any kind of work that passed her way.  A few years later she learned that the owner’s wife had also died and left the inn to a grandchild. Though she refuses to go to the inn again, Morana keeps her locket as a reminder of them and her new goal in life.


Level (If you are a beginner to the forum you will start at level 1 unless told otherwise): 1

Intelligence: 4

Perception: 4

Stamina: 4

Defense: 4

Strength: 4

Speed: 4

Weapon(s) (Must also be approved):
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Morana Kedves Character Info
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