A fantasy land hidden from the outside world, the races of Olair are protected by a group of elite warriors known as the Shadow Watchers. But evil grows close.
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 Aragorn Adolamin Application

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PostSubject: Aragorn Adolamin Application   Aragorn Adolamin Application EmptyWed May 28, 2014 5:05 pm

Name: Aragorn Adolamin

Species: Werewolf

Class: Guardian

Rank (Be Reasonable): Others

Home: Wild Prairie

Human Form:
Wolf Form:
Personality (5 Sentences or more):
Aragorn is a proud man that admits defeat to no one, not even those above him in rank. He is loyal and will follow orders, though he still harbors a grudge against his own kind and will express it on occasion. Naturally, brutality in combat runs in his family, his family of which, has never been known to allow an enemy in a life or death battle survive, and the way they kill as well invites even more of a reputation into their brutal nature. Naturally outside of combat, he may be seen as a tad childish and rowdy. He views himself as a guardian for those that need one though, and thus would try to help protect and ward off dangerous forces which threaten himself or others as much as he can. He cares little for whoever rules over the pack Alphas, though if they dare wage a war or battle against the humankind, he will not hesitate to betray.

Bio (15+ Sentences):
Aragorn Adolamin of the Adolamin family is a werewolf hunter, just like his father before him, his grandfather before him, and so on. Such a family was locally known for their violent profession, along with the training they put their children through in preparation for carrying on their profession as well. Though a few locals would consider them brave, most of the rest would much rather view them as purebred psychopaths born with no sanity whatsoever and raised to be purely reckless. The family was, as expected, completely slaughtered when they decided to go out on one massive werewolf hunt, attacking the Wild Prairie itself. The hunt was one massive failure as the family was quickly overwhelmed and brought down to where only one successor remained, this successor being Aragorn Adolamin himself when he was merely in his late teens. Instead of dying, Aragorn managed to escape, a claw mark upon his left eye and cheek and a bite wound upon his right shoulder being his injuries and the simple fact that he fled from battle being his humiliation. Little did one know that his injury would lead to his transformation, as the same disease which created the werewolves in the first place was passed on through the bite wound upon his shoulder. When the werewolves, whom of which only a few pursued the surviving family member, reached him, they would discover that he became one of them, a few member to their race, and so, instead of killing him, they placed him under a life debt, where he shall work and fight as one of their own, remaining loyal to the packs, as payment for their sparing him. They he would beg for death, they would not grant him the blessing of it, instead he became a slave of sorts to this race.

Soon enough, after two months of his petty tantrum, Aragorn accepted his fate. He decided to finally give in and obey the demands of his pack members. though they tried to take his weapon away, as it was a dangerous tool which would harm their kind at the mere touch of it, though he refused to allow them to take it and dispose of it, explaining that even though he may be one of them, his heart and soul remains within his family, and this weapon was all which remained of them. After he gave the explanation, they allowed him to keep it, though if he used it as a way to hunt or wrongfully kill their own kind, they would dispose of him as well. Presently, two years later, Aragorn would be an accepted member to his race. Though his body belonged to the werewolves, his heart and soul yearned for his humanity, and thus he would not rest until he finds a cure, or at least, a quick death.


Level (If you are a beginner to the forum you will start at level 1 unless told otherwise): 1

Intelligence: 4

Perception: 4

Stamina: 4

Defense: 4

Strength: 4

Speed: 4

Weapon(s) (Must also be approved):
Curse of The Silver Moon
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President Boom
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PostSubject: Re: Aragorn Adolamin Application   Aragorn Adolamin Application EmptyWed May 28, 2014 5:29 pm

Approved lil bro Aidenboo~
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Saya Weiss
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PostSubject: Re: Aragorn Adolamin Application   Aragorn Adolamin Application EmptyWed May 28, 2014 7:05 pm

Remember to move all character info into the character info Threads. Will help keep track of who all has been approved ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Aragorn Adolamin Application   Aragorn Adolamin Application Empty

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Aragorn Adolamin Application
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